Emotions (Mariah Carey cover) by Ariana Grande
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I am thankful for every single person in the audience. Whether you are in the first row or in the very last one, the show wouldn’t be the same without you.


Salt Works, Bonaire

Photograph by William Goodwin

When evaporation pans at solar salt operations reach a certain level of salinity, halophilic archaebacteria, one of the oldest life-forms on Earth, proliferate, turning the brine pink. Here in these stark environs, pink, white, sky blue, and silence set the mood. Cargill Salt Works, south end of Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles.


Demi Lovato photographed by Tyler Shields


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throwback when I took those pictures of Demi in Chile

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If you defend a guy for his nudes getting leaked (“aw it’s okay we still love you1!1!1!!!”) but then shame a girl for her nudes getting leaked (“what a slut she shouldn’t have taken them in the first place!!1!1!!!”) I hope you step on many lego pieces at once.

I want kick-box while eating a big fat cheeseburger covered in chocolate and cry while I watch the notebook all at the same time. Anybody?